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Property Management Services

The Benefits of using Sue Carrell & Associates

  • No hassle management
  • Automated owner statements
  • Online Owner Portal Access
  • Industry leading marketing tools
  • 24/7 maintenance request handling
  • Prompt Response to Tenant Requests
  • Low vacancy rate
  • Low time on market
  • Industry specific local knowledge

What we do as your property manager:

Our Monthly Management Fee Includes the Following Services:

Fiduciary and Legal Activities

    • Manage, operate and maintain the property in a professional manner, in full compliance with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations, ordinances, covenants and regulations (HOA’S).
    • Maintain accurate records of all monies received and disbursed in accordance with the regulations of the CA Department of Real Estate Trust Fund oversight
    • Serve notice of termination of tenancies, notices to pay rent or quit, and other notices as are appropriate with Brokers discretion.
    • Negotiate, execute, renew or cancel rental agreements on terms established by Owner on behalf of Owner.
    • Screen and use diligence in the selection of prospective tenants and abide by U.S. Fair Housing laws.
    • Conduct and document Move-In Inspection at start of tenancy.

  • Enforce rental agreement terms with tenants.
  • Conduct Pre Move Out and Final Move-out inspections with tenants and process security deposit disbursements according to the legal requirements set forth in the Civil Code.
  • Notify Owner of 30 Day Notice to Vacate from tenant immediately upon receipt.
  • Available to tenants during normal business hours to respond to tenant inquiries.

Maintenance of Property

  • Coordinate actions, repairs, and maintenance with Home Owner Association if needed or with property owner as necessary.
  • Execute service contracts for maintenance where applicable.
  • Conduct interior and exterior inspections of the property when deemed necessary and in accordance with the terms of the lease.
  • Contract for emergency repairs when needed.
  • Notify Owner of damages or necessary repairs as they arise.
  • Ensure all health and safety codes are being monitored as required by Habitability standards of Property Management.
  • We require that any requests for maintenance be done in writing, either online or by email. If after the repair is made, the vendor determines the problem was caused by the tenant, we will bill the tenant.

Maintain Healthy Relationship with Tenants

  • Educate tenants about care and maintenance of the property at time of move in.
  • Call tenants when rent is three days past due to ensure rent is paid within the 5 day grace period.
  • Make every effort to accommodate tenants’ needs and concerns to minimize potential conflict or disagreements.
  • Provide a 24-hour process and method by which tenants may communicate with property managers for emergency response.

Maintenance of Financial Records

  • Distribute monthly statements of all receipts and disbursements on or before the 20th day of the month in which rent is collected either by Email or postal mail.
  • Make available to owners and tenants, “portals” that enable them to open reports, ledgers and bills through their own 24/7 computer access.
  • Establish separate accounting for an operating trust account and security deposit trust account for each property.
  • Provide a year-end summary statement and 1099 for Owner’s tax preparation. Withhold Franchise Tax Board tax for Out of State Owners who are not exempt.
  • Collect rents, security deposits, and all other receipts connected with the property. Make deposits in a trust account subject to audit and regulations of the CA DRE.
  • Pay invoices from vendors within 30 day time frame. Any expenses exceeding limit spelled out in the Property Management Agreement will be approved in writing by the owner prior to contracting services.

Tenant Screening

  • Thorough tenant screening can make the difference in how your property performs and how happy you are as a landlord. Credit Reports, criminal background, employment verifications, and prior rental references are thoroughly checked by our staff. Our eviction rate is almost nil.
  • We screen tenants on the phone before we even take them to the property.
  • We only accept application fees from tenants if they are certain they want the property should they be approved.
  • Our property management software (Appfolio) is designed to execute a seamless process from the moment the prospective tenant sees the listing online to the move in process itself.


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