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Who owns the leading property management company serving Forestville?  Sue Carrell of Sue Carrell & Associates. Sue is a leader in rental property management, and has a growing number of clients in the Forestville area. Forestville is where you live The Good Life. Forestville is a darling community and a desirable place to live. Renters know this and so do the owners of rental properties.

There are a number of rental properties in Forestville, and Sue Carrell & Associates is proud to offer tenant screening to all rental property owners, even if we do not handle your property management. This service is known as “Placement Only”, where we do a thorough tenant screening to take the guess work out of selecting the best tenant for your Forestville property.

After you have been paired with your tenant, you can manage your Forestville rental property(s) as you see fit.If you own a rental property in Forestville and desire a top notch property management company that does thorough tenant screening,contact Sue Carrell & Associates today at (707) 282-9268.If you would like to live in a Forestville rental property, we invite you to contact our property management team at (707) 282-9268 to begin the tenant screening process.

The property management team of Sue Carrell & Associates looks forward to serving you, offering you the best rental property experience in Forestville.

Forestville Area Information

Forestville Property ManagersForestville’s unofficial motto is “Forestville, The Good Life,” and is derived from license plate holders sold at the local hardware store. The major road through town, Highway 116, is also called Front Street for the length of the town, a distance of about three blocks, between Covey Road and Mirabel Road. The “downtown” blocks were first built during the 1870s and 1880s, but a fire destroyed many of the older structures, and what remains dates mostly to the early 20th century. According to Sonoma State University professor Jonah Raskin, Forestville “was a gathering place for bohemians and writers and artists, circa 1900.”

The town consists of one gas station, one bar, two grocery stores, two convenience markets, a pharmacy, several churches, a number of restaurants, a post office, an assortment of small businesses, a fire station operated by a volunteer fire department, a volunteer-run Youth Park, and 3 ATMs. The annual Forestville Youth Park Parade is held each June as a fund-raising event, and culminates in two days of music, bingo, and carnival rides in the Youth Park, with food and handicrafts booths provided by local vendors and non-profit organizations. Further along the Russian River and eastward, are a number of bed and breakfast inns and wineries.Wikipedia


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