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Looking for property management in Sebastopol for your rental properties? Sue Carrell & Associates offers property management services in Sebastopol, taking great care to match screened and qualified tenants with your Sebastopol rental properties. What makes a great property management company? Attention to detail, knowing local Sebastopol laws and regulations regarding rental properties, well-chosen tenants, and positive cashflow for the owner. At Sue Carrell & Associates, we take great care to provide our Sebastopol owners and tenants with responsive, reliable, and complete property management services around the clock. We are just a phone call away. When you call our number, you will either get a live person at the other end of the line, or we will return your phone call within the hour.

When you want a top notch property management company in Sebastopol, you can count on Sue Carrell & Associates to be the best property manager for your rental properties. If you own a rental property in Sebastopol, contact Sue Carrell & Associates today at (707) 282-9268. If you would like to live in a Sebastopol rental property and rent from a property manager that operates with the highest of integrity, we invite you to contact our property management team at (707) 282-9268 to begin the application process.

The property management team of Sue Carrell & Associates looks forward to serving you, offering you the best rental property experience in Sebastopol.

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Sebastopol Property Managers

The area’s first known inhabitants were the native Coast Miwok and Pomo peoples. The town of Sebastopol formed in the 1850s with a U.S. Post Office and as a small trade center for the farmers of the surrounding agricultural region. As California’s population swelled after the westward migration and the Gold rush of the 1850s, more and more settlers drifted into the fertile California valleys north of San Francisco to try their hand at farming. There is some debate about how the name “Sebastopol” came into being. At one time, four other California towns were also named Sebastopol (specifically, one in Napa County renamed Yountville, and others in Tulare, Sacramento and Nevada counties).

The town was originally called Pinegrove, and how the name change occurred is rumored to have something to do with a bar fight in the late 1850s which was likened to the long British siege of the then-Russian seaport of Sevastopol (now part of Ukraine) during the Crimean War. The original name can be seen in the names of two of the longer standing downtown businesses, Pinegrove consignment store, and the Pinecone restaurant.Wikipedia

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