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Winterize your property for free.

Get a jump on winter now!

The first 5 people to contract Sue Carrell & Associates for property management will get free Winterization services (a $250 value). All other property management contracts executed by September 26 will include Winterization service at 50% off. Limited to new clients only. The service includes:

Roofing / Gutters
Inspect and clean debris from valley pans, gutters,scuppers, downspouts and drains.

Plumbing / Insulation
Install foam pipe insulation at water main if needed. Check for other exposed water lines orremote hose bibs.

AC Condenser
Wash condenser unit coils; cover if needed.

Heating / Cooling Systems
Check systems and vacuum/clean as needed. Change filters and test unit for proper operation. Inspect firebox for cracks; check fanfor balance. Test / vacuum electric baseboard heating and wall furnaces.

Smoke / Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Test and replace batteries as needed.

Water Heater
Drain, if necessary; check for corrosive fittings.

 Sue Carrell has been a REALTOR® for over 15 years, and a property manager for another 8 years. Efficient. Thorough. Doing business the ‘old-fashioned’ way – with fast response and a personal touch.